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Accuracy - HM

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02.14.2012 , 03:13 PM | #11
That`s true if you don`t worry about your target defence chance which is no lower that 5%. So is you don`t want to miss you have to gather some accuracy even if you have 100% chance to hit with yellow attacks.

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02.14.2012 , 03:32 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by KVork View Post
I am tanking HM as a Jugg, have 96/106 accuracy (High level Jugg gear is mostly Accuracy/Defense).

Since I have basicly 3 decent atacks, Smash, Scream and Crushing Blow, last one being Special but melee atack.
It happens for me to MISS CRUSHING BLOW, single most powerfull atack i have, and in some cases it is a critical gap in Threat/DPS.
(I know, you ask for DPS not tank, but Tanks damage is stright connected to threat, and result is the same when you miss, you wont get your job done).

In other threads and guides i found several answers, but one is fairly common:

Target 98% / 108% Accuracy for endgame if you want to feel safe and dont like ocasional suprises.
Over on there's a thread about this...basically nobody knows.

But, there's a video of a guy with 107.94% accuracy and it shows 1 dodged attack over the course of annihilation droid fight. So the cap, at least on that droid, is higher than 107.94%. Though if it is just 108%, that guy was actually extremely unlucky to even see 1 attack dodged during the course of the 4-5 min fight.

Basically, with 107.94% and seeing 1 dodged attack during the course of the fight (and based on the number of attacks he did) the accuracy cap is probably higher than 108, but lower than 109.

Things that have been suggested:
1) Maybe bosses don't all have the same cap. Who says that annihilation droid & Soa should have the same defense chance?
2) Perhaps bosses all have a defense rating, i.e. they all have 275 defense rating, or whatever which wouldn't create a nice whole number defense chance but would be easily programmed.

Oh, and the person who said that normal mode & hardmode/nightmare mode don't have the same accuracy cap...I have never heard of that, and I spend a lot of time on theorycrafting websites. The "10% higher defense chance" is based off of players, if you look everyone while naked has a 10% defense chance, and some people think that NPC's have the same (that would be ALL NPC's, not just the ones in hard/nightmare modes).
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