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Group Flashpoints

Neastraza's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 02:44 PM | #1
Hi everyone,

First I wanted to say, it's a great game what they have created.
I'm in a while lv 50 and I can very well with some good friends in the game.
Only we still lack something to direct flash points Hard Mode to do. All we have to wait
on people there to participate. I've been asked lv 50 and sits even on social x but well it starts small
bit to get to what several things to take. I would like it if a kind of cross server looking for group system to where people want to join a flash point. I do think people who like to enjoy working with Hard Modes as to revolve around a system to find where to take share. Secondly, I wanted to ask is it possible to 6 people to create flash points. Special flash points with stories line where you fun to be busy. A friend asked this same thing to, so why not. But thanks for listening. BioWare and keep up with this wonderful game, but we still enjoy every day.

many thanks