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Ticket time?

Edhelliel's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:36 AM | #1
Could you give an ETA when my ticket will be handled?

I started it 3 days ago, already called Cust. support for non-listed countries, where the servers were down. Spend 10 and 5 hours in the Que, and I am really anxious to retrieve my answers on my security question...

3 days it has been without any information, just that they received the ticket. How could it take 3 days, if you received the ticket? Busy? Might be. But the ticket was made before the invites started.

Hope to hear from you Bioware soon, cause I understand you guys are swamped in all the activities... But this is no way to treat a customer.

BTW, I also send a mail to as was suggested by one of the operatives, named Kelvin, due to the down-time of the servers. Even did not hear any receive confirmation of that, even with my ID as an attachment.
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