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EV: 8 Normal. skipped on loot?

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02.13.2012 , 01:37 AM | #11
Yeah it's a bit odd that normal decides for you who gets loot, thinking back to the first time we raided it seemed that the players that were "less geared" got most of the loot. Maybe a good way to make the group as a whole stronger.
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02.13.2012 , 02:12 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaonis View Post
All the normal mode ops have the destined loot system. It basically means a few lucky bastards are going to get about all the drops, and a few people will raid for weeks and get repeat gear/lower tier versions of the gear they can't use (DPS gear for healers, tank gear for DPS, etc.).
Or absolutely nothing but commendations every single week. Ya know, like I've gotten. Had a trooper raid with us for a week and end up 4/5 columi in 1 normal run, then proceed to get 3 pieces of rakata from HM.

I've still yet to get anything, all my stuff is from dailies, crafting, commendations or FPs.