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SWTOR PVP - From a previous non pvper!

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SWTOR PVP - From a previous non pvper!

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02.12.2012 , 09:45 PM | #1
Hey all,
Just thought i would post my thoughts on pvp to see what you guys think.

I come from a 7 year 350 days played wow background. 99.9% raids with the odd battleground and a little arena season 3 pvp. Im certainly not young ^^ and ive no axe to grind whatsoever. I dinged 50 on my combat medic commando valor rank 2 and im currently valor rank 35. Here are my observations

1) PVP as a new 50 - With the bag changes its not hard fairly quickly get some gear but at first its painfull. Coming up against BM Empire hurt like hell. Many times i was 3 shotted with 4.5-8.8k crits. After 1 week and 22 bags im full cent pvp gear except my main hand and the difference is noticeable now. I can actually feel like im making a difference without insta dying.

2) Gear - From my experience and imo any end game part of a mmo that relies on RNG is going to cause nothing but trouble. The people who RNG favours say its fair, those who is does not QQ. Why oh why developers keep putting RNG into these games ill never know. There should be a 3 tier bag system with each on unlocking at certain valor ranks 10-35-60 maybe. With each tier bag dropping cent-champ-BM badges you save for gear. Simple as u like and totally fair for everyone. Having to play the RNG game for your BM gear is unacceptable.

3) Maps - Love voidstar and cival war. perfectly sized (wow take note of stupidly big BG's you travel across only to get ganked) Voidstar is my fav atm. Love the objectives and the close quarters combat is awesome. Hutball however, hmmm. I like the idea and have had some brilliant games on it. What i would say is 3-4 unskilled or under geared players can massively effect the outcome of the game.

4) Skill required to win- Sometimes! Without any arena most of the time from my experience pure numbers at certain areas of the map make the difference. Occasionally you may get a 1v1 or 1v2 situation where you can really shine but with the small maps ive not found this to be to common. Im in a pvp guild and we have some very good players. Sometimes we get to hold a base on cival war. 4 of us killed 7 very well geared empire tonight to hold a base which won us the match. That felt good and the skype chat made the difference but its rare something like that happens.

5) Valor and Medals - Valor system ive no problem with. The medals i think are unfair. In our guild pre-mades party q'ing we have 2 healers and 2 sentinels as dps. We pretty much pocket heal them as well as ops group ofc and they run riot, One of them got 13 medals in cival war tonight though the like of healing, protection and ofc damage, me as his healer 5. I dont mind just healing but feel im seriously gimped doing so and often find myself aoe'ing and stim bursting for the dps medals. Should i need to do that hmm i dunno.

6) World pvp - Nice idea but flawed from the start. Not going to go into the same stuff over again but what i would say is when its 50 v 50 on weekends its amazing fun if you can move more then 1 inch due to latency.

Things i would like to see improved
* No RNG in gearing
* More WZ's but keep them the same size
* Allow group q'ing without removing ppl from group and ops q'ing also
* Make world pvp fair and viable

Other then that i believe the pvp in this game is superb from a casuals point of view. Im really enjoying it and im looking forward to what coming in future patches