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Bugged lockouts? really biowere?

Zilliztra's Avatar

02.12.2012 , 04:28 PM | #1
Having completed the first 4 bosses on nightmare this evening, we where unable to have soa spawn on hardmode. He continually spawned on nightmare mode with 1,1 milion hp.

Despite several attempts at resetting the operation. reforming raid, having other readleader, he still spawned on nightmare.

The really funny part was that when just 3 people was looking at soa he had the correct 800k or so hp but when more than 3 people got near him he despawned and respawned with 1,1 milion hp.

So I am forced to ask: Why arent the lockouts and different modes working? its been 3 months now, and this eternity vault is still the most buggy place in the whole game..

fix the problems?