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HM Flashpoint difficulty progression (Rep)

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02.09.2012 , 12:16 AM | #21
After reading all the imput you ppl posted here (again, thank you) we tried our first HM run in Taral V.
The very first combat was ... an eye opener. After slaying quite a big groups on illum (those heroic2+ can have fun pulls of 5-6 silver + 2 golds) we were pretty confident we can make our way through trash mobs with ease. The first two golds ... showed us our error... the hard way . It was quite a surprise to all of us when we actually ...wiped on the very first mobs in the instance *ashamed*. We totally forgot abt the appearing hoard of trash mobs and that small delay was all they needed to gang on the healer, cause some confustion and ... kill us. Was quite surprising that golds were hitting me for 4500+ O_o (med armour, top armour plates you get form dailies... that was not pleasant). Restarted and went in again, this time allowing the tank to actually ..well ..tank. This time we were surprised again ... but only by the fact that while they did hit really hard on us ... they died pretty fast as well. So after that first wipe things went quite well.
Then there was the first boss with two adds. Due to (again) some confusion on our side and the fact that those critters really liked our healer we kinda wiped again (boss had 400 HP left .. what a shame!). Restart and slaughter the poor guy. After that it was a very clean sailing with no deaths at boss fights (though we forgot abt the fact that robots can push you .. off the bridge ... hehe).
Sadly, as we were trying to finish this asap we did not do any bonus objectives ... and totaly forgot abt hacking the terminals to disable two turrets in the final boss fight. CC 3 turrets was easy enough but it was a delay nevertheless. Sady we wiped on the final boss but only after that we realised that ...we completely forgot to interrupt his attacks >_< It was weird as we did well with the rest of the bosses... maybe it was some sort of mindtrick O_o but bot once in several wipes (i think 3) we tried to interrupt his abilities. Due to the fact we had some RL matters to take care of we did not made attempt #4 but I feel pretty confident we can do it now.

All in all I am quite happy with HM variant of the FP. Finally, we need the tank to ..well .. tank. Interrupt now a MUST and that certainly adds to teamwork and general "group" feel. Will complete the FP tomorrow and then try the rest of them! Hope this thread will be of use to other ppl starting the Hard modes

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02.09.2012 , 01:35 AM | #22
I've healed all the HM Flashpoints as a Sage Seer. From a Healing perspective, easiest to hardest:

1)Kaon Under Siege: AOE heals ftw.
2)False Emperor: Nothing too terrible here, just gotta use Force Armor properly w/ HK-47.
3)Taral V: Last boss can be a pain if people dont position themselves right. Bonus is a PAIN.
4)Battle for Illum: Lots of heavy pulls here. CC a must.
5)Esseles: The bosses hit HARD. Period. If tank loses aggro, someone is probably dead.
6)Directive 7: Only because it's VERY tactics heavy. Mentor fight is constant movement and almost all Sage healing is channeled/cast. Having an off-healer is VERY helpful.

I feel like I am forgetting one? Eh. It's late.

Edit: Forgot Maelstrom Prison. I'd put that one about in the middle. Not easy, but not too hard. Cyborg is the only hard part, and if you have a good tank it's a world of difference.

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02.09.2012 , 02:21 AM | #23
I was in the eselrs 3 times and It was allways buged. First run the fist boss didnīt call his adds. N0 he was direct ANRAGE. The secent run. Ironfist didnīt stop call his adds so we got no time for damage hin. The 3 run Irinfistīs skill Hadshoot was interumtet und our tank got the full Damage of the skill. So it was 3 times imposebel to do F the fp. Talv worked fine acsapt of the bonus boss. I hope Bioware fix the Buges sune. Else the Level 50 contnt is only dalyquest, PvP und the Operations. And I canīt see the *********** dalymissions anymor. The Newst Pash fix the Counter on illum for PvP. Bioware shod fix the Bugs in the FPs first. If Blizzard or Sonyonline programed that way. WOW and EQ2 where go long a go but both games are still fine and the players like to explor the addons. For SWTOR I DIDnīt see mash FUTURE if thay only count on PVP and Storylines. Itīs a pitty to see how the BIG POTENCIAL of the game is Wasted becouse of Bugs.
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02.09.2012 , 11:40 PM | #24
We did complete our run in Taral V(HM) yesterday evening! The flashpoint, incl all the pre-end bosses was a breee now (after we have refreshed our memories) so it was a relaxing run. THat is untill we reached last boss (again). Despite our best efforts we just could not deal with the adds effectively enough. Oh and for some reason, even though all his attacks were interrupted he still managed to cone attack ppl behind him O_o. Was weird. Oh and as it turned out sage can not dispell his grenade dot.

But after some tries we have found an epic easy way to kill it. Just pulled him allll the way back into the room before (the one with the second floor where two gold sith mobs were guarding a chest). When his adds spawned - they had a loong way to run to us. So by the time they arrived, boss was already at 50% (and reloading again, hehe). So we aoed adds in that narrow corridor. The second wave was killed together with boss (yaaayy!!!). And after we finished rolling for loot, discussed a bit, had a cup of tea with cake... the third wave of adds arrived On the one hand it was kinda sad that we have failed to finish the boss in a manner designed by the devs. On the other hand we were happy to complete our first HM run! Yay!
Will repeat it again today and then try some other

P.S. Oh and I made a mistake by not rolling need for columi gloves when I say sith warrior/jedi knight on them. I though that they were heavey armour only and kinda skipped T_T. Oh well Still happy!

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02.12.2012 , 10:45 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by TheJediCouncil View Post
I've healed all the HM Flashpoints as a Sage Seer. From a Healing perspective, easiest to hardest:

1)Kaon Under Siege: AOE heals ftw.
You must be kidding me.

I mean yeah, the base run is pretty trivial, but the bonus boss is an absolute healer's nightmare, he's the hardest HM boss I've ever had to heal. Finished that fight at 7% health and 6% mana from doing Noble Sacrifice without Resplendence.
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