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How to cross over between PVP and PVE

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02.12.2012 , 10:13 AM | #1
Im in a bit of a tough spot. i love to pvp but i also love to PVE (with friends). both take a long time to get the gear. i missed the exploit day in pvp. i was curious about 2 things...

1.) pvp gear is 10% better then PVE gear in PVP does it work the opposite making me HM cabable with full pvp gear? i ran BT last night with some success only a few tough spots but i was in full centurion gear.

2.) since BT was a struggle in places i figured i would have to progress through the HMs. IS there a list of easiest to hardest HM so as i acumulate PVE gear to overcome my assumed 10% deficency i can work through them to eventually complete them all?

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02.12.2012 , 10:32 AM | #2
centurion gear is far inferior than the daily epic mods, even champion gear wasn't really better than my mods as a guardian tank. Just du those 2 daily hero 2 man quests for a week and you will be fine....

sure guardian has 56er mods in it, so if you get a set piece you can swap mods, but pvp gear isn't too good, you can do hm and normal ops with it, but you can do that with alot of other gear...
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