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drop rate for me has been, and not even joking - 1-2% at hardmode.

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drop rate for me has been, and not even joking - 1-2% at hardmode.

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02.11.2012 , 07:03 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Daltin View Post
Just letting you know, i'm not going to respond to you anymore. You're in over your head on this subject, and has been documented by more people than necessary.

It's bugged. Plain and simple. The threads with the mathematics behind them are there. The odds of this issue happening to one person is astronomical given the 25% across the board drop rates. However, it's happening to thousands of people. Thus, not astronomical. If an anomaly happens more frequently than the expected, it is no longer an anomaly.

Feel free to respond, I won't be responding to you.

To all those still interested in the math behind this bug, feel free to check the link posted in the comments above.
You just admitted your argument has no substance.

I've never said it's not astronomical. This is the nature of random. That 25% number is also meaningless.

When all of these threads definitively prove RNG is broken, then there's a discussion to be had. Until then it's nothing but entitled whining because no one seems to understand how random works.