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Daily quest needs a fix BADLY

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Daily quest needs a fix BADLY

Zedowel's Avatar

02.10.2012 , 06:48 PM | #1
Im sorry but 4 hours of joining in on losing games is fail in Biowares part. Everytime the opposing team makes a goal half the team leaves. I cant even get 1 win because noone wants to finish a game.

I think there needs to be some kind of debuff that makes it so you cannot que for a warzone after you leave it because this is just dumb, or make it so all you have to do is finish 3 pvp games. I dont think that people can play all day in hope to join a fresh game that is going to win. oh and BTW the one game trhat i did join that was losing we ended up winning didnt count cause of that other stupid bug.