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Just hit 50

Razot's Avatar

02.10.2012 , 06:16 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Choppaman View Post
Implying inqs or bhs take skill

Implying these arent the chumps in full BM because they are the ones who farmed lowbies

Implying you arent an idiot

This is a pretty good post..

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02.10.2012 , 06:22 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Sookie View Post
Bet you thought you were hot stuff farming that 1-49 bracket. Take of those training wheels son.
You are obviously a troll and a baddie that DID get his gear from the pop imbalance exploit. It is the same players in the 1-49 bracket as the 50 bracket moron. The difference is the gear. The gear is the training wheels, and the security blanket you hide behind. You don't level from 49 to 50 and all the sudden develop (or lose for that matter) skills.