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Knock back/Stun and Your Frustration Bar

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Knock back/Stun and Your Frustration Bar

FeeFiFoFum's Avatar

02.10.2012 , 05:46 PM | #1
We've all been pin balled before and the amount of sorcs in the game now is ridiculous, on AVERAGE, almost half your team and/or there's will be sorcs or sage (but considering most games are huttball, im going with sorcs). How would you fix the current knock back stun situation, yes I have read the resolve guide, was good and great but that doesnt seem to stop me from getting smacked around over n over n over just to have full resolve and have it begin to empty after very few seconds of being in the pit anyway.

What are some ways you would counter this issue. Im a mara, I spec anni not because everyone is all, anni rocks if youre not you r a big faygit, i do it JUST because it reduces the cd of charge.

Speaking as a mara (my only char), one way to HELP us combat knock backs/stuns would be to lower that talent in the tree so we all have potential to get it. A small aid, which I believe are the key to making it bare able. The changes must be SMALL tweaks to avoid up roar. Also certain close the gap skills might change to. After being knocked back, if whatever skill is on cd, its cd is reduced by 1, 2, 3 seconds, whatever seems prudent. Or MAYBE, after being knocked back you cannot again for 5 seconds..? This wouldnt hurt if you are 1v1 situation in WZ but would help A TON when defending doors, running a ball etc.

This isnt, I want knock back, I want stun thread, this is small changes that would help my frustration bar not fill up so ^%&$*#( fast. Anyway, throw an idea around, maybe people will read, maybe they wont, I definitely do not have all the answers but would love some small changes.

TL DR? What small changes would you make to help with the current knock back/stun situation? Can be class specific or general.