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The Republic and Ilum

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The Republic and Ilum

HoyaPooch's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 03:50 PM | #1
I'm on Dark Reaper. I'm a 56 valor level Imperial. I rolled Imp because I mistakenly thought that everyone would want to be a Jedi. If I could do it all over I'd be a Repubic for sure.

I go to Ilum nearly every day.

On some very rare occasions we get some open terrain fighting that is epic. Due to imbalance, usually the Repubs are slaughtered. Last Tuesday, the Repubs sort of disappeared and after a few minutes we were triple flanked and they wiped us. I thought it was awesome that they brought the fight to us.

For the most part however most Imperials cannot understand the benefit of backing up and just crowd the Republic base. Even when we do get the group to back up, the second an enemy peeks his head out, 40% of the Imps start bum-rushing.

So Ilum is basically a stalemate at the base with one side waiting to pull a Republic out for a slaughtering and one side trying to pull people in for a turret one shot.

I'm sure this is similar on most servers.

So I am wondering....what is like for the Repub side? Assuming an enemy gives valor, does everyone get that kill and valor for a turret kill? Are the dailies manageable in Ilum or take a long time?

Basically I'm considering working on a Republic toon but wonder if the imbalance issues severely outweigh the benefits of not playing Hutt Ball 90% of the time.

MinimumForce's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 04:02 PM | #2
I am also on Dark Reaper but a Vanguard with valor rank 43. I can only relate to the fact that recently I've only seen groups wandering out to the turret and getting a few Imps with it before getting overrun. Imps will pull back to "appear" to be in retreat and then return to get the unlucky that decide it's safe. So now it's to the point where folks think that the turret is a good idea but really it turns into a slaughter for the Republic side.

So maybe you ran into a few instances where Imps were rolled or flanked but mostly it's Republic getting thrown down on. Now don't even get me started on the turret. Utter waste of time since it may reduce their health a lot but if folks roll in and trash us then what's the point? Today has been a general massacre with Republic getting a few kills and basically getting wiped out in the process.

As for what it's like on the Republic side it's downright obnoxious since the daily can drag on for a while (as in hours) and people just give up after being destroyed a few times. Turrets are a joke since they basically make for a great focus for AoE zeroing in. Other than that Ilum is to be avoided. I know folks will come out with the usual pvp comments, "umad bro?", and general Haterade but hey that's how I see it at this point. And getting groups together, to include guilds, doesn't seem to be much better unless I miss the times when guilds actually roll into Ilum. Will I stop playing SWTOR because of this? Probably not. But I'll eventually stop feeding Imps valor and kills for their BM gear.