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Ilum after 1.1.2a, valor/time cap?

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Ilum after 1.1.2a, valor/time cap?

Jadeor's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 12:50 PM | #1
My server is around 60/40 imp (im republic). Just went to ilum, and we were getting heavily base camped, somehow we managed to break out and kill 40-50players in a short time and earned ALOT of valor.. now, 15mins after the kills i havent got a single valor score the last 15mins, i know there are diminish returns on killing the same player, but surely there must have been atleast one new player amongst the 80 i killed within the 15mins.. This makes me think they put a valor/time cap on what you can earn from kills on ilum to prevent kill swapping, which i find a good system..

my problem is, after the 50kills, nothing counted towards my weekly, which kida sucked.. dont mind the valor, but com'n, preventing me from doing my weekly?

anyone else experienced this? and maybe a proper response to bioware what they did to "fix" the kill swapping, just so we know what kind of system we are dealing with