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Cademimu issues & loot

Cryptoad's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 10:38 AM | #1
I am level 50, decently geared and soloing 3/4 times a day Cademimu in order to attempt to get some set for my companions (Heavy and Medium). In the process I am running into a bunch of issues that are pretty annoying:
- the instance drops the Volatile Force pieces for me 90% of the time. How come I barely see anything else? Is the loot only this because I am the only person in the instance and a Consular?
- companions get stuck extremely often and cannot be dismissed or resummoned easily
- I crash quite often when taking the taxi after the 1st boss, when I reconnect I die and get transported out. This is annoying.
- the last boss requires pacing your DPS so much that it takes 5min to kill it, otherwise the missiles cover the whole area.

If anything could be done, that would be cool.