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PVP Gear for Going Into HM/Nightmare Ops?

Bpelta's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 05:15 AM | #1
I'd prefer to get PvP gear than PvE gear for the first two level 50 tiers (i.e. Tionese/Centurion, Columi/Champion). I understand it's a bit weaker, but I prefer PvP to flashpoints.

But I would like to get the Rakata gear. Would I be safe with generally Centurion gear, or should I wait to get Champion before entering hardmode operations? What about nightmare operations?

DocterMadmac's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 07:50 AM | #2
No colum gear is way better for raids t even think of having champon gear for nightmare is silly.. rataka gear from hm raids is better then pvp gear by far and if you do go in there with pvp gear have fun with the reapir bill.

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02.09.2012 , 07:59 AM | #3
It's silly but I can kill people with full PvP gear in WZ with my columi gear, PvP gear is broken ands shouldn't be used in WZ's or Ops, except for the normal ops since even people in blues can complete EV/KP on normal.
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02.09.2012 , 08:19 AM | #4
i dont have much gear at all at the moment, so I have no choice to start with some sort of gear going in. I'm in cent chest and legging/champ everything else except bracers.

Are there quests to at least get started on the Tionese gear other than flashpoints?

GaoWei's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 08:30 AM | #5
I personally think Tionese gear is garbage. When you hit 50, do your dailies on Ilum and Belsavis. You can pick up both quest chains at the fleet. This will get you your lvl 50-51 armoring, hilts, mods, and enhancements.

When you get far enough in the questing, you can pretty much get 1 mod, 1 enhancement per day. Each daily quest yields a daily commendation (heroics give 3). 8 of these can be used to purchase armoring mods. (There is a heroic +4 on belsavis that gives you armoring mods also).

Ultimately I find these mods to be better than Tionese gear by far and are much easier to farm.

I do however recommend doing your PVP dailies as well. They are a good substitute imho until you get columi gear. The rakata implants cost a lot of commendations, so the PvP Champion implants may be a good substitute for a while.

Eventually for PvE, you'll want to use full columi/rakata and replace any PvP gear you are using.

Edit: I forgot to mention the armoring, hilts, mods, and enhancements mentioned above are the advanced purple quality ones.

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02.09.2012 , 08:31 AM | #6
I got lucky with my champion bags so I had a few pvp pieces going into OPS. Unlucky PVE drops etc, so they were much better than what I had currently.
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