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OPERATIONS: loot issue

Lilymay's Avatar

02.09.2012 , 05:12 AM | #1
To whom it may concern,
I'm writing on behalf of my guild (Silentmind, on Nightmare Lands server).
We are very disappointed about the loot repartition in the operations. We tried to set the loot rule and the loot treshold in all the possible ways but there is no way we can distribute it as we prefere and as the items are bound on pick up we are obliged to accept the distribution chosen by the game. Even using the master loot configuration all the equipment is destined by the game to certain persons and there is no possibility to escape to this. In this way it happends that one player ends the operation full of gear that it could have been distributed better between the party members; for example yesterday evening some gear has been wasted because it was destined to people that already had it or that wasn't needing it.
I fully understand the necessity to bound the equipment dropped during operations but I don't understand why while schematics are free to be given to a player, equipments are not.
I also undertand that when the operation is undertaken by a group of random players from different guilds this method ensures a “fair” repartition but it is usless and harmful when in the operation you have a party of players from the same guild.
Best regards.