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The Tarisian Outcasts (spoilers)

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The Tarisian Outcasts (spoilers)

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02.09.2012 , 04:45 AM | #1
... BioWare, I am disappoint.

The prologue of KotOR on second+ playthroughs is the most depressingly futile thing ever. I helped that woman with the bounty on her head, and then she died a day later. I saved that Ithorian from bullies, and then he died a day later. I rescued some of Davik's debtors from violent amputation, and they died a day later. I cured the rakghoul plague, and all the sufferers died a day later. I cleared out the Undercity and put the Beks in charge, making a whole district safe for the civilians in it, until it and everyone living in it got obliterated a day later. You really start to wonder why you even bother.

But there was one bright spot in all the futility. The Outcasts lived so far underground they might as well have been in a Vault-Tec safehouse; surely they at least survived the bombing. If I'd led them to a better life, then at least one thing I did on Taris wasn't in vain.

And now I can't stop picturing BioWare's giant trollface beaming down on me as my knight worked her way through the holocrons in the tunnel ruins. My Revan can't have had one single success on Taris? I mean, what is this, Dragon Age?