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16-Man vs 8-Man

DarthCluck's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 06:23 PM | #1
I've been trying to figure out why someone would run a 16-man Operation. I come from the perspective of someone that has not run a 16-man yet, so please educate me.

It seems like the role breakdown for a 16-man is the same as 2x 8-mans. Is that accurate? What about the loot differences?

DarthCluck - Feel the power of the dark meat.

Majo_NDM's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 08:22 PM | #2
Theres no reason to do 16. If any its only because "when is more ppl it feel more epic" and "we want to raid with all our friends". If there are any reasons, thare are only social reasons.

flegg's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 08:30 PM | #3
To challenge yourself since 16m nm is the only thing close to resembling a challenge in this game.

DarthCluck's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 09:01 PM | #4
Thanks folks. I was afraid that would be the answer
DarthCluck - Feel the power of the dark meat.