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EV Pillar Boss Solution Spread Sheet

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02.08.2012 , 07:54 PM | #1
I made a simple spreadsheet for the solutions for this encounter. To help avoid some annoying bugs which require an ops reset as well as a re-clear of the short trash before the encounter.

To avoid bugs, our rules have been to always have the south pillar finish first, and to make sure that the 3rd and 4th pillar only finish if they have taken MORE than one move.

Every time the 3rd or 4th pillar (on either side) finishes in a single click, the disk would not actually turn, no matter how many times its clicked. To avoid this, just go in the opposite direction one click, then back in the correct direction twice. Again to be clear, a solution of 1 move is really a solution of 3 moves, to avoid an encounter bug.

I realize there is an iphone app for this. I neither own an iphone, nor develop iphone apps, but a simple spreadsheet is all that's needed anyway.

Determine the starting position of the rotating disk at the top, then go down the cells to the required solution color on the left. This then tells you the number of clicks in either direction required to solve the puzzle.

Link below. Let me know if it helps or if I've made a mistake.

EV Pillar Encounter Solution

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