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SOA Hardmode and beyond without a Sage/Sorc Healer

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SOA Hardmode and beyond without a Sage/Sorc Healer

Poochymama's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 04:43 PM | #11
Sorc healer isn't really going help here. Healing Soa you have to heal through a lot of what I like to call "burst random single target dmg". Sorcs aren't really any better at healing this type of dmg than the other classes. In fact, their actually slightly worse equipped to heal this kind of dmg than Merc healers, and somewhat on par(maybe slightly better) than Agent healers.

Where Sorcs really outclass the other 2 healers is in predictable large AoE dmg situations(ie healing the falling dmg from the platforming, annihilation droid, karagga). If you have a dps sorc in the group, make sure he/she is bubbling the ball targets.

Scrubtastic's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 06:24 PM | #12
If you have trouble with SOA HM without a sorc you'll be crying when you do NM.

As a Sorc healer with 18k hp and a shield, I die from taking a lightning ball in NM. That's right, over 20k dmg from ONE LIGHTNING BALL!!!! Even our medium armor classes almost die with full hp and a shield.

In HM is easy since it's only 10k dmg and I can just top myself off right after. I have no idea if this is a bug (I bet it is, seeing as how BW can't fix ****) but the few times we make it past phase 2, we end up wiping in phase 3 from insane lightning ball dmg.

I've even tried to just run away from the ball but then it turns invisible and someone ends up running into it and dying lol. This game is just too awesome! Just toss in a bunch of game breaking bugs to boss fights and not fix it to make it challenging.