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Please Add Grade 24+ Item mods to Vendors

jacksstarwars's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:35 AM | #1

As a simple request, would you please add equivelent item level Modifications to the PvP and HM/Operation Vendor lists.

No offense, but I cant stand the graphic design for any of the Sith Warrior end game gear... <Not a big fan of Darth Megatron> And having the ability to have gear that LOOKS the way I want but is still equivelent to the End Game stuff would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not asking for any deals or breaks... I'm willing to do all the same leg work as people who ARE interested in the Gear, I just want to continue to enjoy the customization you've given me during my leveling experience in End Game...

I'm aware that to some extent, I can purchase the gear and rip the mods out of it... but that only works for so long (as the upper end gear has fewer mod slots than lvl 1-50 orange gear).