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16 man EV bugged?

LordIske's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:11 AM | #1
My guild has done EV countless time on all difficulty setting on 8 and the last few weeks we have started 16 and those went well. We have never had an issue with the annihilation droid but tonight we attempted to do 16 man on both normal and hard and we got totally wrecked.

The boss would just seem to randomly one shot people in the raid with the missile attack that puts the dot on people. Like you would see people with 16k+ hp get hit with the missile and get brought down to sub 15% hp and then die after the first tick or some cases get one shot by the missile itself. The boss would also not do any basic attack just sit there and hurl missiles and do storm protocol over and over again at times. He also randomly reset as if there was nobody attacking him.

Is the boss broken or did he get a stealth buff or something? We never had problems before and tonight we got wrecked like we were a bunch of lvl 25s trying to down him. Anybody else have any issues tonight?

Maoxx's Avatar

02.08.2012 , 12:28 AM | #2
Yes, we had issues out wazzoo tonight. We normally clear it on 16 man every week. But after we killed the robot, the trash immediatley after him would ANNHILATE our raid....trash we normally just AOE through without any issues.

Even worse was we cleared about 5 pulls of those droids, but wiped and when we zoned back in every mob had reset, Now I'm no stranger to respawning mobs, but all 5 of those pulls had respawned even the one we pulled right before the group that wiped us.

Other issues we had, were one group cleared Gharj and tried to invite the other group back into a 16 man. (we had split into 2 8 man cause the trash had ticked us off) We did that reset the instance and set it to 16 man, but when we did that it would only let 8 of us in......SO... we split back up into 2 8 man groups reset it to 8 man normal.....and now it only let 2 - 7 of us into EV and kept sending the rest back out to the fleet. We finally called it.