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Karagga's Palace - G4-BC strategy

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02.07.2012 , 07:19 PM | #1
He's alot harder to kill now on normal with the multiple droids spawning. We did need to use an assassin DPS OT even with our MT 3/5 Rakatta.

Group COMP:
1 Jugg Main Tank
1 Assassin OT/DPS
1 Marauder DPS
2 Snipers
2 OP Healers

Instead of having 3 people do the terminals we only used 2, a power tech dps and 1 sniper. This allowed us to have 1 more dps on the boss the entire fight. Through all of those fire debuffs that constant extra damage is huge.

We put a healer up on the middle platform in front of the terminal on that far right corner.
The reason we did this was so that he could heal most of dps/tanks as long as they stayed away from the far side of the flame track, and he could also heal the 2 members running past the mines and doing the terminals.

Doing that we had 1 extra constant sniper dps on the boss the entire fight.
We put this sniper on the same corner right on top of the healer. The healer and sniper did not take any damage from the mine that spawns right on the middle of that platform.

We just tanked him back and fourth to the middle and right fire cannons. The boss puts an armor debuff on the tank so once our MT got 10 stacks the assassin would taunt and take the stacks until the MT's debuff wore off. After this it's just a tank and spank, and he never hits enrage.

Hope this helps.
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