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Orange Infiltrator Leggings or Other Black Leggings

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Orange Infiltrator Leggings or Other Black Leggings

Smokt's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 11:03 AM | #1
With the news that orange gear will actually become end game viable I am taking this search to a while new level.
I have my perfect gear setup for me and Kaliyo but I cant find the orange moddable Infiltrator Leggings (the chest is from Nar Shadda). Has anyone seen these and if not can you suggest some other black legs. Its so frustrating having everything perfect except this one piece.


maestruljedi's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 11:21 AM | #2
What news ? Where ?

Usually the orange rewards are from heroic quests, and as far as i can remember, nar shaddaa has plenty of those, maybe it's a reward from the bonus series heroic quests... Glitch maybe ?

Teddar's Avatar

02.06.2012 , 12:28 PM | #3
The legs from the Balmora bonus series will match the infiltrator jacket fairly closely. I know this because i have them on my sniper but the questline is bugged for my operative and i cant get them. i am currently tearing my hair out trying to persuade customer services to sort me out but im not hopeful. Anyway if you didnt do the balmora bonus series, have a look and i think you'll be sorted.