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Feedback - urgent basics missing from the game.

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Feedback - urgent basics missing from the game.

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12.15.2011 , 03:38 AM | #11
so I say "Yes" to change and to the ability to change servers when you can't login to the server you started out on and to the server you want to join. cause its full !!

so change haters eat my pooper !!
and I will keep postring this till the end of this game !!
Beta tester

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12.15.2011 , 03:40 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Biosheep View Post
Like he said, this is a brand new game. Let's not worry about over-complicating things at the get go. I can understand you wanting to have perks you find in games like WoW and Rift, but there are a few things to think about first. This isn't WoW or Rift, it is SW:TOR. Copying from other games just begs for copyright infringement allegations to be made which will not benefit anyone from this community.
This is pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard regarding MMOs.

SWTOR has concepts that are unique to other MMOs... AE looting is there. Same faction battlegrounds. Socketing. Cover system. Collecting lore items in an encyclopedia. Private phases. Companion. The list goes on and on.

WoW and Rift did not start out with those "perks". They have incorporated them gradually with new content releases. If they gave you everything you wanted right now at launch, what would you have to look forward to in the future? WoW is losing subscriptions every quarter, many of those seem to be due to lack of content/boredom. Once they get the most recent content completed, then what? I personally ended my subscription to WoW for this reason.
Rift started out with AE looting. Rift started out with group public quests. WoW started out with having unlimited spells and cooldowns on each, unlike EQ that had limits to the # of abilities you could have and most with no cooldown.

Guild perks were heavily flawed, in my opinion, as new members could receive benefits from just being in the guild and not contributing a single thing. Guilds seem to become more like an extra "stat stick", which shouldn't be the purpose of a guild. To be more competitive with other players in guilds, you're almost required to join a guild to keep things more level. Guilds should NEVER be a requirement to avoid being left behind by everyone else. Achievements and titles for guild specifics are always nice things for guilds to work for and have their gratification without punishing the smaller guilds and those who would rather not be in a guild.
Guild perks didn't grant anything that a smaller guild "needed" so you're basically wrong. There was literally zero advantage to the guild perks. The closest thing was increased levelling speed (in a game that already takes maybe a day or two to max level? pfft)

And also, accessibility drives sales, but it doesn't make a good game. Look at wow for proof of that. EQ's version of guild perks was intense... you would literally unlock UI functionality or massive bonuses. The entire purpose was to make guilds competitive, because the game was centered around guilds. Of course doing that makes the game less accessible, ie, you can't just log in and solo the last boss.

I don't think "needing a guild" is a bad thing. EVE Online is proof of how it can work. You should never expect a smaller guild to be as successful as a bigger one, and if you do, then your game sucks and is basically flawed / capped. If everything in your game can be done by a group of 5, that's not exactly an epic raid. Early EQ raids required 100+ people.

Warhammer had a good idea by having smaller guilds able to form coalitions. Where did that go? I want my guild of 10 to be in a coalition of 10 other guilds of 10. So we're 100 strong and loosely centralized.

Not having that sort of functionality in a modern MMO is, again, zzzzzzz 3 years too late.

Having saved equipment loadouts would be nice for a future patch, but it's not gonna break the game by not having it in.

Let's just enjoy what it is for now.
Yes, it's going to break the game by not having it in. It is ridiculously annoying to swap equipment sets. Hybrid classes are already punished with a smaller inventory by requiring multiple gear.

The bottomline is for any MMO to be "next gen" it has to essentially incorporate all of the conveniences of the previous MMOs.

For a MMO to have an LFG system that dates 2003, no equipment swapping, no customized UI forcing people to heal with a terrible non-mouseover style will only serve to make SW:TOR feel dated.

Just like rift being the first mmo to have AE looting, and SWTOR being the second made spam looting in wow seem archaic. Just like rift having companions to play the story without needing grouping made "required grouping" seem archaic.

Just like having to sit in a general chat channel hoping someone will help you or needs the same quest seems ridiculous compared to warhammer's "public quest" system or how rift works.

Bioware simply can't rest on its laurels of "being bioware" like it does with single player games. People have left more robust MMOs to play this. and if there are glaring omissions it's just going to make TOR seem old in comparison.

Not solving imbalances in factions, having really hugely wide PVP brackets and then you always get HUTT BALL is the same exact error warhammer made with its stupid queueing.

Saying that TOR needs to fix something that was solved years ago shouldn't be a controversial idea.

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12.15.2011 , 03:46 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Leafroy View Post
Just a first impression from a elder gamer who has played online games since the awesome days of Neverwinter Nights (persistent worlds). Yes, your child was what brought me into gaming. To this day i cannot commend you enough on that creation.

Point of this post is feedback.. You really need to impliment the following and fast..

Basics this game is missing at instant first impression..

1. Perks/levelling system for your guild. Essential for the community and gameplay that you impliment this. It also encouraged players to make guilds if you give perks for 5% more xp, a little percentage of credits looted going direct to guild bank.

2. Multilple specs stored to be able to switch between without cost of respec. You can charge for this ability to be trained at maybe 40th? level. Whichever you require. It is standard though and you need to eb better than hats out there. (i believe you are)

3. Also the ability to switch between item sets. For example in rift i can do the following commands.. /saveequip 1 /loadequip 1 this would do exactly what it said.. up to a maximum of 9 itemsets. ideal for those wishing to heal in high end but play dps at other times..

I can agree with the desire for easing the burden of spec shifts. Feeling like you're "trapped" in a particular spec can be frustrating, but I suppose as long as the specs themselves aren't too limiting it shouldn't be that bad.
The other things just seem like fluff to me, and really aren't necessary. I didn't even really like the guild perk system because it seems to pressure people into being in a guild, when some players may not want to have to deal with anything guild related.