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Tips on healing in Karaggas Palace For sorcs? (mainly foreman crusher)

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Tips on healing in Karaggas Palace For sorcs? (mainly foreman crusher)

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02.04.2012 , 11:30 PM | #11
If you can't heal through the damage, extricate the tank to you. Heal him up beside you. The boss will have switched to a new target, and have the second healer extricate that person to them. Have the tank jump back in at this point and that should be enough of a break to survive his frenzy.

If you have a third Sorc running as DPS, you could even extricate the third target of the boss before the tank retakes the agro.
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02.05.2012 , 12:09 AM | #12
Cooldowns is the way to go - your tank should have a couple, and with a Defense Adrenal he can have one more.

If your tank runs out of CD's just have a 2nd tank (if you have one) take over - use his and when he is out the boss should be dead or very close to - but if needed first tank should have a CD or two up again.

Also as others mention your Resurgence + Innervate + Consumption combo should be your most used combo always - this will give you a lot more force to work with.

When we have 2 sorcerors and if tanks are out of CD's - we usually have 1 Sorceror run the Hot-combo + a bit of Dark heal... the other pops Recklessness and spams Dark Infusion - if your tank doesn't live through that, then its his gear thats your problem.

And don't shield the tank - you should be able to keep him up fine outside of frenzy, and he is then clear for a shield when frenzy pops - its not much but its an instant 2500 "heal" when you need it most.

Also if the raid is taking a bit of dmg - particularly melee - you can (with a bit of luck) land an Area heal right beneath his feet so it hits both the melee and the tank - just before frenzy, thats another HoT ticking in while you heal - it all counts.

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02.05.2012 , 12:55 AM | #13
as everyone has said, its about rotating cooldowns.

he frenzies once every min (almost exactly), as a vanguard i just pop smoke grenade (-20% accuracy for 20sec), then reactive shield or adrenaline rush on alternate ones (both have 2min CD). we also run a shadow tank, so he puts up another -5% accuracy (im guessing they stack) and 5% damage reduction.

guardians might have a tougher time, but still doable if they use a "on use" defensive relic, or you can tank swap after each frenzy to get a fresh full set of CDs for the next.

basically put, its not that had a fight if the tank can properly use his CDs and debuffs, and the healers can time their CDs when he is the squishiest.