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Can't even launch the game

AtrophyOffline's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 02:35 AM | #1
Click the play button on the launcher and it takes me to a frozen launch screen - the blue disk on the lower right on the screen is frozen solid - not spinning like it's supposed to - and the mouse cursor has turned into an hour glass. Can't alt tab or anything - just stuck staring at a painting.

Tried this several times - even reinstalled the game but that didn't work - still experiencing the same issue. Slapped the Keyboard with my palm a few times and somehow managed to alt-tab - then when I maximized the game it actually started working and was able to play a little. Game ran fine on that one occassion I was able to get past the launcher - but I'm still not completely sure how I did it.

Anyone else who is unable to launch the game properly?