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Cinematic Trailers

daftshadow's Avatar

02.03.2012 , 11:42 PM | #1
So I just watched all the CGI cinematic trailers on my home theater projector and still amazed how well and entertaining they were made. Especially on HD 720p! Anyhow, does anyone know how long and how much it costs to make swtor CGI like trailers? I wouldn't mind if George Lucas or his production company produces a Star Wars animated CGI tv series or a full length featured movie that looks like these swtor cinematic trailers.

Varangian's Avatar

02.04.2012 , 12:19 AM | #2
I disagree. This sort of style is best reserved for short scenes such as Return, Hope, and Deceived.

It looks good as is but just imagine a full-fledged series. I mean really imagine it. It just wouldn't look right. Cinematic flair should remain with cinematics.