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Beginning to see the point .....

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02.03.2012 , 03:42 PM | #1
Of those complaining about problems in the loot from Flashpoint/Operation.

First off some disclaimers
1) I don't have a character higher than 26 so can't talk about high level content
2) I avoid PvP so can't comment about that
3) I have avoided grouping except in rare instances (I no sooner join and I have to log off due to RL Interuption) so this is hardly QQ'ing

Class, World, and Heroics give class specific or universal rewards, Most mob Drops are at worst Bind on Equip. So WHY are Flashpoint/Operations Reward Tables Bind on Pickup and NOT determined by person/persons present?

Using Black Talon/Esseles as an Example 4 Champion Mobs that have between them the drops of Blue/Orange Items that make a set (4 items). Now, in a reasonable world if say a bounty hunter(power-tech), and sith sorcerer do Black Talon you would get items either for a Bounty Hunter or a sith Inquisitor ----- Not Items (Bind on Pickup) Only Usable by a Sith Warrior or an Imperial Agent. Please excuse if I got the number of sets, the number of items in a set, or the number of Champion mobs wrong. It does not change my point.

I can accept a random chance for a mob to drop a particular item I'm hunting for, I can accept if it drops an item I already have, I can live with losing a roll and someone else in a group getting the item. What I have trouble with is Items unsuitable to anyone in a group being 'bind on pickup'

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02.03.2012 , 03:58 PM | #2