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End Game Gear.. Everyone Looks the same.. Why not make it Modable??

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End Game Gear.. Everyone Looks the same.. Why not make it Modable??

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02.03.2012 , 02:31 PM | #1
Hey Bioware:

Love the game so far.. The PvP, Flashpoints and class story are very fun. (of course minus the obvious bugs here and there)

But As more and more of my guild gets to end game and starts gearing up I am hearing bad things about the gear..

After having lots of choice and the ability to rip mods out of level 47 gear and put it in a set of armor from level 25, WHY ON EARTH CANT YOU DO THAT WITH END GAME GEAR?

I can't see a reason why you cant make the end game gear modable so we can wear what we want at end game.... What a waste of a system.. Who cares about 1-49 your look is going to change 10x over.. but once your 50 some choice would be nice... you still have the same prob all other MMO's do that everyone looks the same..

To be honest while I was leveling up I just assumed the end game gear would be modable.. I guess thatís not the case...

Anyone agree??? Was the end game gear EVER modable in Beta testing ? and If so did they tell you why its gone??

Thanks !
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02.03.2012 , 02:37 PM | #2
... this is changing in an upcoming patch. Read the dev tracker

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02.03.2012 , 02:48 PM | #3
They should just implement new gear, including gear that is exclusive to raid bosses and HM FP bosses.

That and the moddable gear stuff thats coming out in the next patch should ensure that ppl dont all look the same, as well as providing much more needed variety to the loot platter.
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02.03.2012 , 02:55 PM | #4
Looking forward to the unlocked purples. Not looking forward to the million + credits it's going to cost to pull all my mods >.<
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