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PVP flashpoints? ... a scenario I think could be fun!

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PVP flashpoints? ... a scenario I think could be fun!

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02.03.2012 , 01:43 PM | #1
I haven't gone through the whole forums to see if this has been suggested or mentioned yet, but I wanted to share what I was thinking would be a lot of fun:

the first flashpoint is like the sales pitch, we all got it and now the post sales support is a bit of a let down. I find flashpoints now at higher levels lack in story lines.

Its not terrible, its fun with the right people, but the story lines need more.

Cant they do PVP flashpoints? (or call em something else)

Here's a scenario, the flashpoint is on a ship transporting a republic General somewhere with 4 republic players onboard as the "guardians".

On the ship are NPC soldiers,NPC droids, etc. all friendly to the republic players.

The ship is attacked by the empire and pods are breaking in with empire soliders attacking the ship whicih the republic players have to defend in waves, meanwhile 4 empire players also get in the ship hangar bay and have to work their way up to the bridge where the 4 republic players are guarding the general and pushing back the waves of empire soldiers.

Once the empire players arrive to the bridge the empire npc waves only attack the republic npc to keep the illusion of a story event going on, while the 4 on 4 go at it!

No? Am i wrong? Wouldn't that be cool? PVP with a story line?

To make it more interesting, the 4 empire players have an escort like say a Darth of the sith or a high level commander from the empire.

So if the republic players win and kill the 4 players, they get to kill the NPC Darth of the sith that acompanied them for a kick *** loot (so they get to fight the boss, or they can be good people and lock him up for a trial, etc)

And if the empire players beat the 4 republic players at the end, they get to finish the General for boss loot..while giving players the choice to kill, or not, etc.

Does this sound far fetch? It would prove and test players in a different way, instead of being spec for either PVE or PVP, you have to be aware that you will be doing both,facing mobs, boss and pvp as well. Having a Pure PVP build in hopes to ensure a win at end PVP fight doesn't guarantee you will make it there because you have to first get through waves that require balanced parties to survive so your equipment is not totaly broken by the end which would leave you with no chances to win the pvp fight or beat the boss.

I can think of other scenarios on tatooine, involving hutts, rescue missions, bounty misisons, etc.

just an idea.

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02.03.2012 , 02:11 PM | #2
Yeah, let´s do some entertainment flashpoint that ends with "us" ripping apart 4 people who spend their doing a flashpoint to discover *at the end* that the enemy is full t2+. Or vice versa.

Or even better: Assume they are evenly matched: after 30-60 Minutes both parties discover that winning the instance depends on sheer luck or "pvp-skill".
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02.03.2012 , 02:19 PM | #3
how is this different from a warzone? Defend the doors, control the cannons, etc