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The classes need more distinctiveness

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The classes need more distinctiveness

skaidar's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 05:36 PM | #1
Hey all.
Let me first say that I play as Gunslinger, and dont know the other classes perfectly, but I have enough guild mates to ask them.

So I want to talk about the classes in the game and their similarities.
Yes, similarities, because the differences are very few. And I am not talking about the "mirror" classes.
None of the classes give you unique feeling, because every other class have your kind of abilities, and here are some examples (here I will use "Almost" instead of "All" just to ensure myself. And I will not care to give examples/link to those abilities, because the people that know what I am talking about wouldn't need such):
- Almost all classes have imobilizing (non stunning) ability
- Almost all classes have at least 2 area of effect damaging abilities
- ... Single target stunning ability
- ... Area of effect stunning ability
- Stun/Movement impairing/ removing ability
- Area of effect push-far-away-all-enemies ability
- Interrupting casts/channels ability
- Party-wide protecting/buffing ability
- Movement speed lowering ability
- Self immune to movement impairing abilities for short time
- Finishing ability (usable when enemy is under 30%/20% HP)

I'd hate to start talking bad about Bioware, but I just can't ignore the obvious laziness of them to try to make every class unique. So, correct me if I am wrong or paranoid, but it seems like they just gave up and simply decided to give all kinds of abilities to all classes to make balancing easier...

If that's NOT the case then excuse me.

But if it is, then it smells of a big fail. You'd better start revamping most of the abilities and skill trees before ALL the players start complaining about it.
After all, what makes a person loves a certain class is it's uniqueness, to feel valued in certain situations. If everyone else can do exactly the same things as you, but only with different animations and names, well, thats not cool at all....

MaGicBush's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 06:55 PM | #2
This is partly why I am torn between 3 classes right now as an alt, I made another thread just a second ago about it. But I agree, they do all seem very similar in style with slight variations and the added bonus on some classes of being able to tank/dps or heal/dps or dps/dps.

Vesperr's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 07:49 PM | #3
Nah, they are totally different. If you look at skills and stuff there are similarities and you might think they are similar, but gameplay wise they are not. I have both assassin and operative and they are totally different, operative and sniper are like ice and fire and other ACs with same base class are the same.

Just for exampe: Interrupts. This is a core ability of every class (minus tracer spammer) which can win you the fight if used correctly. Assassin and operative have 10m interrupt with 12 sec CD, it lets them use when they need it if they are onto someone, but if there's a healer 20m away then they wont be able to stop him. There goes sniper and sorc with 30m interrupts on 12 sec CD, they interrupt anyone on any range, it doesnt mean that they are awesome against healers as those can LoS them but it gives them much greater control. Now goes the melee classes - jugg, mara and powertech. Unlike other interrupts, theirs cost resource meaning that they will do a little less damage if they use it but they have it on 8 sec CD which means they can effectivly stop most healing if they stick to the healer, and thats a big if.

Now add a few more "similar" abilties, mix them with their unique skills and you'll get the picture... BTW even specs make gameplay different, classes - even more.

p.s. Realm of the Mad God 1 ability, a little less than a dozen of classes, all different.
I used to be a ballcarrier until I got Leg Shot in the knee.
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Sorny's Avatar

01.30.2012 , 07:54 PM | #4
i play a vanguard tank as my main, and recently i ve been lvling a shadow tank up.

and i ve got to say, they play almost exactly the same, kinda annoying tbh, i dont need to learn an all new style, i just put abilities that do the same thing in the same place on my vanguard, and its basically the same.

sure there are diffrences between vanguard and shadow tank (shadows have to keep their shield buff up, and watch the proc for tele throw) but its basically the same.

commando/gunslinger/sage dps play very similarly too, i just miss the uniqueness of each class, that made it fun to lvl a new one instead of "oh, this ability is the shadow version of this vanguard skill"

Velr's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:48 AM | #5
My Operative (49), Mercenary (18), Sniper (21) and Marauder (13?) seem to all be very diffrent.

What is true, most classes have "a stun" and "an interrupt"... The diffrence lies in the ways they deal damage.

MilkPudding's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 08:54 AM | #6
I think the design concept behind this is to let players have the class they actually love, not just play the classes to fill up all the different roles in groups.

It also solves the problem of MMOs forever lacking healers and tanks.

skaidar's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 06:13 AM | #7
What the are you talkin about? If you don't believe all the obvious examples I gave, let me make a comparison with World of Warcraft, and don't tell me not to compare it with a veteran MMO, because the classes in WOW were unique from it's very begining:

Shamans - have totems, have travel form, have far sight, can self-reincarnate...
Paladins - have auras, have bubbles, have own mount
Hunter - have pet, have traps, have ranged weapon
Warlock - have lots of curses and dots, can summon other players, have demon minion
Rogue - can stealth, have LOTS of stuns, poisons
Mage - can teleport, summon portals, conjure food
Priest - uses holy and shadow magics for heal and damage
Death Knight - can revive another player as zombie, have own mount
Warrior - ultimate close combat fighter, only use physical skills
Druid - can shapeshift, use nature magic

Anything to say about that? Or I am just plain stupid as most people would say here

Ginnem's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 08:58 AM | #8
First off, I think giving every class an equal but basic set of CC tools is a good idea.

Anything to say about that? Or I am just plain stupid as most people would say here
You're not stupid, but when you describe the TOR classes you stick to just abilities but with the WoW classes you're listing more flavor or lore things ("uses nature magic", totems vs. auras, ect.), it's not really a fair comparison.

Velr's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 09:01 AM | #9
Most of the "big" class diffrences in WoW are not existant anymore or don't matter nowadays?

YOu know why?
Because it's bad if only 1-2 out of X classes can do certain tasks.

Or to say it diffrent:
Between my Operative and my Sniper there is just as much diffrence as between my Shadowprest and my Hunter... or any other class.

Now certain classes are a little more similar (Marauder and Off-Jugger).. But enhancement Shamans and Furywarriors or Rogues did also not play like WORLD of a diffrence in actual raiding content...

Vesperr's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:20 AM | #10
Skaidar, if its not gameplay you are interested about but fluff, you should go back to WoW. Also if its real difference you are talking about then WoW is a plain and dull when compared to Ragnarok Online.
I used to be a ballcarrier until I got Leg Shot in the knee.
I cant post if my playtime is over? What The Fckk?!