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Auto Loot Change Suggestion(s)

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01.31.2012 , 10:24 PM | #1
I ran a search and see there are many threads with people concerned about the auto loot system for normal ops. I understand why Bioware thought it may be a good idea, however now that it's live in game it seems to not apply to all subscribers needs. I, like many subscribers have recieved many of the same set pieces from normal ops, where somebody else in the group the item would have been an upgrade.

Couple of ideas on how the system could remain but be improved:

1) Provide a "Guild only" ops validation system, where the game sees that everybody in the op is in the same guild and allows the Master Loot option to override the auto assign.

2) For PUGS or mixed guild ops, create a setting or a 'flag' that allows everybody in the group to say they agree to use Master Loot in lieu of the auto assign system. If everybody can't agree then the system defaults to auto assign as it does today(with some logic improvements) Maybe a voting system that allows the group to vote on the loot system to be used prior to beginning the op.

3) Remove auto assign loot entirelly, I understand and appreciate the attempt to reduce arguments over loot by essentially taking it out of the hands of the players and relying on a random number generator. In some cases it just plain doesn't work.

Hopefully this post finds its way to the correct people and can help improve, in what is in my opinion is a very fun game that has plently of potential.


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02.01.2012 , 08:41 AM | #2
Shameless bump to hopefully keep this in view of any dev who's willing to spend 3 minutes reading, or anybody else who may have some ideas. Thanks!

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02.01.2012 , 08:48 AM | #3
I really like No. 1, but I also agree with a 'vote' system at the start of the group before any drops are on the table to decide auto vs roll vs master loot systems. Of course, for master loot to work (in a pug) we need a roll feature too. Full guild master loot systems can revert back to the council/dkp type rules of other systems. My guild typically just looks at who we got, and who needs what, and divides it up that way, basically every member of the group being on the 'loot council.' Only works for hardmode ops currently.

Edit: another option would be to disable the NEED button for any class that cannot use a given item, and leave it on a roll-based system. Basically enable a 'Need Before Greed' type feature - companion gear arguments do not apply to Operations loot.
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02.01.2012 , 09:05 AM | #4
Yes, a roll system would need to be implemented if there were a free-for-all option. Also removing the need button for class specific items would be helpful.

My latest encounter with the auto assign loot system was last night in EV. There were 3 Jedi Knights(2 Guardians and 1 Sentinel) both of the Guardians have been through it many times, it was the Sentinels first. The goal was to get her geared up a bit. I get assigned the, Columi Gloves, Offhand and Pants for the 3rd time. The other Guardian gets the the Chest off of SOA which is the only piece I don't have, he didn't have the pants. The Sentinel got only a relic...sort of sad that I have a almost a full tank set and almost a full DPS set when she needed so much, she could of used the gloves and the offhand as pretty good upgrades.

The above scenario has happened to many many others in the game. We are not unique and beautiful snow flakes.