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Columni gear, gear drops and loot system

nthnmny's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:24 PM | #1
I am sure this may have been ranted about to kingdom come, but personally I have not experienced one piece of columni gear drop in a flashpoint in about 2 weeks and i have been doing them atleast 5 days each week, additionally the loot system in normal operations is geared towards unguilded pick up groups and is jaded against guilds who want to gear up certain people and not give others duplicates. For example one of our members had a rakata token drop and he recieved a columni token then next run. Now i understand that may be a tad bit more complicated to resolve. But i was under the impression that in beta you guys had a system where it made sure only gear for people in the group dropped. As long as somone is getting gear I am happy. But Agent gear drops when there are no agents and warrior gear drops when there are no warriors that seems to be a problem. I know that most of this is just me being annoyed and a tad selfish but the gear that drops should be useable by atleast one person in the operation or flashpoint. Is my main point.

TL;DR: Make gear drop for the group members not random classes not in the group.