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Concerns about the bridge to Hard Modes

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01.30.2012 , 03:09 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by thorizdin View Post
Sadly all crafting beyond Biochem is still a waste of time if you're going to raid. I don't like this situation (started out Synthweaving) but the truth of its undeniable. I hope at some point this is changed, but for right now you're not doing your guild any service by trying to fight the system. The only good thing is that IF they change this leveling up any of the crafting skills only takes a day or two when you're level 50.
Honestly, our crafting professions were used mostly to craft while leveling, and the last thing we could do was make ears/implants/bracers/belts to gear up for HM. Now that we've done that, our crafting is there simply to make money I guess.

We were talking last night about Biochem and how it would help us all. Medpacks FTW I guess. Self heals would sure help me out as a healer on those harder fights (like that GD droid in Kaon)

I'm hopeful that some schematics drop in HM chests. We've gotten a few BoP only gear schematics, but they have been few.

I'm really hoping to find some recipes for tradeable items, but we probably won't.