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HM Flashpoints - Final Boss and Respawn Locations

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HM Flashpoints - Final Boss and Respawn Locations

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01.30.2012 , 09:36 AM | #1
This seriously needs to be fixed. Either add a respawn location IN ZONE, or let people back into the flashpoint after the boss is downed. Make it so you must hail the Flashpoint quest giver to finish the quest.

This has happened a couple times now in our guild. And here's the problem.

IF you kill the final boss and either
A) Wipe to any leftover adds, or
B) Are knocked out of the world

You can't get back in to get your loot.

HM Taral V:
Final boss spawns some adds. We lock them down so we can kill him before he enrages. Healer goes down, Boss goes down, Adds wipe the rest of the party.

No option to revive in zone. We revive, but because the end-boss is dead, the quest is updated and it considers the zone "Finished". You can't get back in to get your loot.

(This specific case has happened more than once in our guild)

HM False Emperor:
This only happened to me, and thank god the BP that dropped wasn't for my class, but on the final fight, we drag Malgus out to knock him off. He blasts me over the edge, I respawn outside, and rest of the group kills him. I couldn't get back in the zone to loot my crystals because the "Quest was complete", and I'm sure there was a crafting mat I could have rolled on.

Yes, I get the "Then don't die lulwut" posts that are going to follow, but this is a significant design issue that needs to be addressed.