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PVP Gear unfairness discovery

NicholaiJS's Avatar

01.27.2012 , 12:29 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tohrazer View Post
why is it that to get a Tier 2 (columi) weapon, you NEED to have the columi weapon token, no exceptions, but the champion (tier 2 pvp) weapon, can be got without relying on RNG? you can buy it for champion commendations, without requiring the item token

(EDIT: to be fair by that point youd already have the BM saber anyway, the champ weapon being available for commendations is somewhat pointless)

add ontop of that the fact that tier 1 of both pvp/pve gear is basically skipped by everyone... not even sure why it exists?

really disliking this whole loot system, the very least they could do is make it fair and equal, a ton of redundant stuff also, things people will never even use, all of that

Sarcasm: This meatbag thinks that he is better than us because of his world firsts, so lets completely ignore his point and try to **** on his cornflakes for no reason despite the validity of his point.

Agreement: This loot system is complete and total unrecoverable epic fail.

Disagreement: I don't think the unfairness between commendations for champ weapons and no commendations for columi weapons is a viable argument. Yes it is frustrating that SOA won't drop the **** you need... ever, BUT pvp bags are just as random. Since you need battlemaster tokens to get champion tokens, it is completely pointless to get a champion weapon unless a bag drops it. If you grind 60 ranks of valor maybe its about time you get a weapon with little effort. See where I'm going with this? Think back to the rank 14 grind in WoW.

Sidepoint: Hey man, hose tionese or whatever marks are totally useful for getting a piece of gear for a companion you don't use.

Summary: This loot system is horrible. I think a toddler could come up with better, but my opinion doesn't matter to EA. It doesn't matter than you can get a champion weapon with commendations but not a columi weapon because you'll have a battlemaster weapon by then anyway.

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01.27.2012 , 01:20 PM | #12
Well I do agree that the Champion weapon is MUCH easier to get then the equivalent PvE weapon unless you're in a raiding guild.

It's pretty tough to even get into a Hard Flashpoint as a DPS, so PvP seems to be a much easier way to gear up. Hell, I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting the battlemaster weapon by grinding another 33 valor levels & using battlemaster bags rather then getting one from those SOA raids as I'm a melee DPS to boot.

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01.27.2012 , 01:49 PM | #13
I like to come to forums and hopefully find avid discussions between people with brains...

this thread does not deliver that. The OP is just an arrogant child who thinks its necessary to rage in the WRONG forum (also probably doesn't have what he says he has). I have both of my columi weapons AND rakata weapons (though they are bugged). I don't understand why its necessary to get them from commendations when gearing in this game is a joke?

Hardmode isn't even hard, and it gives rakata items. You're complaining you can't get your columi weapon? Are you serious? You're this 'hardcore awesomesauce' player but you're unable to even do faceroll content for gear? I guess that explains enough. Maybe you should be raiding instead of complaining.