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Trouble completing my story (a bug report)

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Trouble completing my story (a bug report)

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01.27.2012 , 12:14 PM | #1
This post probably contains a spoiler or 2 if you have not made it to the end of our story yet.

Last night I completed my class story line (The Final Score), but has some difficulties doing so. Everything went smooth on the Voidwolf's ship right up until the point I defeated him and tried to escape. Between the bridge and the escape pod, every single npc was bugged. Every single fight was a struggle to find a spot where I could shoot them, and if they were standing on top of me, forget it. <Cannot see target>

I managed to make my way to a room where it went from bad, to unplayable. Both Guss and I were destroyed in about 6 seconds. Multiple times. I finally broke down and got a guildmate to help.

Oh, and reset did NOT work.
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