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HM SoA Bug?

pure_laced's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 10:21 AM | #1
While doing HM SoA, once we reached phase 2 after the 1st transition we noticed that the Balls of Lightning wouldn't stop. We have designated people soak them, but after they blew up, they would still act like they were active and pick someone else to target. Before we all died we counted 13 "dead" Lightning balls all chasing the last person alive, and 2 "live" ones.

This intended? Seems kind of counterproductive if the entire time the whole raid has to be moving to avoid the 20 lightning balls during this phase.

Kriminal's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 10:29 AM | #2
Just let the player that is targetted pop a shield and run in to it. If you all run in your own balls its easy This sounds bad ^^
I find your lack of faith disturbing.

DaveMcG's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 10:49 AM | #3
Since they added the on screen emote regarding who was targeted, just have your healers put a shield on the targeted player and have him/her do the soaking of the balls.

Hmmm.. soaking balls...

Daluu's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 03:25 PM | #4
My group had this problem as well. And we were popping a shield on them and having them run through them. They wouldnt stop, they would pick a new player and have more spawn. We had around 10 when we died, thats 10 active moving balls, even though we had been running through them. I've seen many videos of Soa HM and even on 16 man, they only had 3 active balls.