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Buff Melee or nerf Ranged

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Buff Melee or nerf Ranged

reganomics's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 10:09 PM | #21
also in WAR, collision was also a huge factor in pvp. since some of the points you had to defend were inside a random building or choke point. As a Blorc, my cronies and I would line up and literally block the entrance. it was amazing; melee (specifically tanks) played a huge role in the ebb and flow of a battle.

in Ilum there are choke points, but its obviously not the same. it seems we can only play the fishing game at the base as well as some other basic strategies while toolin' around the zone. we can (and should, Im talking to you my fellow republicans {im really, really sorry about that pun but i had too; im actually quite leftist, probably wont believe me but eff' it.}) start to implement some real maneuvers like splitting the group in two, tanks and ranged stay put and keep the enemy's attention while the stealthers and the MDPS flank. it will take some coordinated groups and shared comms but hopefully the melee can be more fully utilized.

Stenrik's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 07:02 AM | #22
That's the problem I have playing a scoundrel. My best moves are closerange or melee, but I have no good gapclosers. And even my melee moves aren't really as powerful as the ranged ones of most of the other classes.

I'm a a big disadvantage if knocked back. Sure, I know I have to give up some mobility for stealth, but I'm still kinda screwed when outdistanced.

Granted... not 50 yet. Gonna wait and see.