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Which class is the "best healer" for pve?

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Which class is the "best healer" for pve?

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01.19.2012 , 12:49 PM | #21
I've found that my Jedi Sage rocks for healing. He can heal for long amounts of time versus my Merc. I can heal pretty good as a Mercenary but not for long durations. Heat builds up fast and goes away slow were as with the Sage I can pretty much heal indefinitely as long there is a solid tank.

It does depend on style but I would say if you want to focus on healing go the consular/inquisitor route.
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01.19.2012 , 12:55 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Corran View Post

op is a great tank healer as is merc, but that's it. aoe healing they suffer at

numbers - i have a 50 scoundrel sawbones with 2pc champion (+15% to kolto cloud) and +450 healing, and a fresh 50 sage seer with no gear and +372 healing

kolto cloud - ticks for around 400 every 2-3 seconds, crits for under 1k, lasts 15 seconds. 4 target limit, costs 30 out of 90 energy putting the scoundrel 10 energy above lowerin their energy regen rate ie. can cast nothing else for a second or two

salvation - initial heal for 650, ticks for 300 every second for 10 seconds. unlimited targets. costs 60 force out of 600 after a rejuve.

do the math

on a single target a scoundrel/op will out heal anyone as they can roll hots and infinetly do underworld medicine > emergency medpack. but mor ethan one person taking damage that requires more than keeping a stack of slow release on them to keep htem alive is where a scoundrel/op starts to suffer

sage/sorc? just drop rejuve then salvation and chill while your force regens. herpa-derp especially republic side wehre melee dps outnumber ranged dps

As far as raiding goes, for the empire the operative is far preferred as the healer. In case anyone does not know, the aoe heal that sorcs and sages get is broken on the sorc side. We do not get the initial heal, only the 11 ticks afterward. Operatives can virtually heal forever, and it takes more to kick their face in than sorcs. They can stealth, and have alot of cc at their disposal.
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01.20.2012 , 02:46 AM | #23
Whatever happends, don't let people mislead you when they say sorc has 'horrible' regen. They either heard it from other people, or haven't experienced a sorc in high end content.

There's this thing called consumption, that takes 15% of your health and converts it into 8% force, and reduce your force regen by 25% for 10 secs.

Force surge is a passive in the healing skill tree, when you get a crit on innervate, your consumption doesn't consume health nor reduce your regen. So basicaly get an innervate crit, and you get 8% force back by using consumption.

Innervate is a 4 hit healing spell, channeled during 3 sec. You can boost the crit chance by 25% by applying resurgence first (instant cast HoT). It's not hard at all having a 30% crit base either, so add both and you get 55% crit. That's 4 hit on innervate, 55% crit each (you only need to crit once on the 4 hits to get the boost), so there's a VERY good chance (about 19 times out of 20 from my experience) that you will get force surge to activate.

I've healed every 4 man hardmode flashpoint, some with very squishy tanks, healed a bunch of 8 man stuff too, and during those we even ended up doing dps during the fight thanks to the enrage timers, and I can tell you most of these fights I ended up with 70-80% force left, and that's because I was lazy, or just didn't feel the need to use my force surge boost. Needless to say, force was never a problem.

If you want to know the weakness of a sorc, it's the armor rating. Light armor are squishy, while others can take a few more hits and survive, and that can make the difference between a death and staying alive. But when it comes to healing output, sorc is at the top.

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01.26.2012 , 02:46 AM | #24
hrmmm.. interesting topic here.. best healer for pve...Honestly its not about the class itself but whos playing the class and How you play it..

No Love for the Merc Healer in this thread it seems.. Everyones drooling over the Sorc which is fine .. Sorc/Op/Merc can they all heal end game content?.. Dam right they can... again its all on how you play..

Lvl 50 Merc Full Healer Spec here.. My main heal 5-6k Heal and Im not even in Full raid Gear.. Small Heal.. 3k ... Instant Heal..3-5k....Is it the best NO ITS NOT but it gets the job done every time with no complaints

There are some perks to being a Sorc.. Battle Rez being one of them which is extremly nice .. But this is not going to make me roll a Sorc...Can a sorc out heal me? Nah I would have to disagree with anyone that says they can...Merc is more Burst heal then it is heal over time..again going back to how your geared and your style of play ... everyone is different... and Everyone has a different opinion on which favorite WOW healer there character reminds them of...

I have heard people compare.. the Op to a Druid healer.. Heck I even seen people compare a Bounty Hunter Merc to a Discipline Healer from wow...Is one better then the other.. Personal Preference on how you like to heal honestly .. But for ME I know how to manage my heat and its never a issue for me.. sooo show the merc healers some love.. because there alot better healers then people give them credit for...Who doesnt love a healer who can wear heavy armor.. Dont be jealous LOL

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01.26.2012 , 03:21 AM | #25
Cleared all operations with sorc / merc and op-heal (not me, different guildies).
No problem at all with either one of them, so I guess for PvE they are all viable.
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01.26.2012 , 06:49 AM | #26
Let me explain to you how this works

One of these patch days all the mercs are going to be super happy, or these forums are going to get lit up with a bunch of raging sorcs = MMO