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NEED HELP with choosing a character

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NEED HELP with choosing a character

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01.25.2012 , 11:17 PM | #1
Herrow, I need help choosing a character :/ I've played them ALL (unfortunately) and I can't decide which I like more, which I want to advance to level 50 with. I've got them all to at least 10 and I like the Jedi knight/Sith Warrior(went further with sith) I like Inquistior but the lightning gets old and so does the story with all the artifact hunting. and I liked the trooper due to her(female char) pvp ability.

So what I like and Dislike
Like:Stealth(but I can live w/o it) Dislike: Super squishy
Like:PVP Dislike:No damage
Like:Good damage Dislike:Lots of Aggro
Like:Good story-line Dislike:Bad story-line
Like:Not being focused(by bosses, etc) Dislike:Bad companions
Like:Good companions Dislike:Needing a party for Like:story quests
Like:Able to Solo Dislike: things "getting old" (BH missles etc)
======================HELP ME PLEASE ^^======================