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One thing I hope Bioware NEVER copies from WoW

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One thing I hope Bioware NEVER copies from WoW

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01.25.2012 , 02:14 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Whatsalightsaver View Post
WoW continues to alienate it's top performing players. I've just read about the first round of nerfs coming to Dragon Soul, by far the easiest and most faceroll raid of the entire expansion. I crap you not, a toddler without hands could down this raid. I cleared it on normal first week, moved on to Heroic Modes the second week, and left WoW by the third.

Blizzard has lost my support because they continually take the blistering challenge I enjoy and nerf it straight to hell, cheapening my victories and sucking out all of the fun of raiding for me. Firelands heroics were challenging and fun until massive nerfs made them insultingly easy.

Bioware, I understand that content has to be accessible to everyone on some level or it's a waste of your time and money to develop. However, there HAS to be something for the best of the best. There HAS to be something to challenge very competent players that they can take pride in and think "yeah, I did that. That was sick." I left WoW after six years because of constant decisions made by blizzard this expansion to cater exclusively to casual players.

Don't get me wrong, I think there should absolutely be content for players who "just want to have fun and not stress". There should be raids for such people, in fact. I have no problems whatsoever with game companies nerfing and tweaking their normal mode content until almost everyone can see it. What happened with WoW though is it took it's "elite" content, the heroic modes, and nerfed them as well. No hard mode raider is EVER happy with nerfs like that. They raid the hardest stuff for the challenge, for the prestige, and for the rewards. You take away that challenge through nerfs and your best players have nothing to do or care about.

Don't cheapen your content across the board. Leave something for all types of players to enjoy. There needs to be modes for bad (though they won't admit it), good, and truly exceptional players.
So you're telling me Sinestra, Heroic Rag, Heroic Al'Akir, and Heroic Nefarion 25 all pre nerf were easy? From someone who's actually in a world top 100 guild and cleared all of the content this expansion, I can tell you for a fact Heroic raiding in Cataclysm has been some of the most brutal raiding since Sunwell. Yeah, all of the content gets nerfed after it's all been cleared by top guilds. Big deal. This happens in literally every MMO, top guilds are given a few months to clear everything out and compete, then the content is nerfed so those whom aren't as hardcore / good can have a chance to see the content, or give them that push they need to get it down.

SWTOR stated before launch raiding (Operations) would be on the more casual side of things. Yeah, I'd like to see nightmare modes be more difficult and add in new mechanics / bosses, but the game has been out what, a month and a half? Maybe less? You can't expect the first raiding tier to be the hardest thing you've ever played through in any MMO. Look at Rift. Greenscale and Alzbeth were both mind numbingly easy, the 2nd raid tier (Hammerknell) Was very difficult and satisfying.

Give Bioware some time to let people adjust to raiding in a new game, I'm sure content will become more difficult. And if you aren't satisfied with raiding then, there are other MMOs to play.
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01.25.2012 , 02:25 PM | #32
WoW continues to alienate it's top performing players. I've just read about the first round of nerfs coming to Dragon Soul, by far the easiest and most faceroll raid of the entire expansion. I crap you not, a toddler without hands could down this raid. I cleared it on normal first week, moved on to Heroic Modes the second week, and left WoW by the third.
I call BS on it. By the time nerfs come everybody who should've clear heroic / hm's already did so.

performing guilds are distinguished by server 1 feats of strength. Top EU/US/World are all mentioned in news.

quick fact 1: everyone and their dog cleared normal DS on wednesday.
quick fact 2: you dodged the elboration on how exactly you "moved" into hard. So I suspect you didn't have a hc madness kill before leaving game. Or at least not in 1st echelon. Wich makes you in no position to complain.

to recap: Faceroll top content is not fine. Overtime nerf of top content is fine however, for by the time it comes everybody who has slightest right to care already don't.

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01.25.2012 , 04:05 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Slackfumasta View Post
Big deal. I cleared Dragon Soul long ago, I cleared Firelands before the nerf, I cleared BWD/Chogall/ToTFW before they nerfed those, and I don't care that they later nerfed them. Let the unwashed masses in to clear them, it doesn't change my game one bit, because by the time they nerfed those areas, we were done with them.
Couldn't of said it better myself.

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01.25.2012 , 04:14 PM | #34
I'm fine with Normal Mode being Easy Sauce and Hard Mode being ownage sauce. I'm casual these days and i just want to spam my tracer missiles and collect loot and be happy. Because i have no time to wipe ... always feel bad to leave the raid or they call it operations in this game.
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01.25.2012 , 04:18 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Manathayria View Post
Players that're casual, don't have the time to dedicate to the game (and often are just as good as the 'elite') get into the hardmodes after the nerfs. They paid for the content. They got their 'easy' raid done, they want to do the harder stuff, if you block them from seeing those fights, and their changed mechanics, eventually that casual player leaves - and takes his buddies with him.
Just because you are casual doesn't mean you can't clear it on the hardest difficulty, I recently quit raiding in WoW but up to the day I did I cleared all content with only two days a week of raiding. Now what Blizzard does is to take away my challenge with their nerfs, I was before quitting 5/8 HC in DS with those two days a week raiding, only one day a week over the holidays.

If the highest level of content is left as is the optional challenge is there for anyone that care to undertake it, if you don't have the time or ability to play on a schedule then you have normal and hard to go through.

Besides, with better gear being introduced later on you can go back if beating nightmare is so important to you, or is it just the gear you want and not the challenge...

Edit: What you should ask for is more content to be added in a time frame that makes the nerfs to the highest level of content unnecessary, Blizzard is slow at releasing new content and has had the gamer fooled for years thinking that it's impossible to make content at a faster pace than they do. It's quite possible to make new dungeons and raids faster than once every 6 months, just isn't as cost efficient, and Blizzard is all about that these days.