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Revan's fate after the Foundry encounter

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Revan's fate after the Foundry encounter

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01.22.2012 , 05:43 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthRegnator View Post
For some awkward reason (It is fitting, however), this song was playing when I "killed" Revan in the Foundry:
Lol, fits just perfectly. ^^
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01.22.2012 , 08:14 PM | #72
wow it does

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01.22.2012 , 08:37 PM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Karkais View Post
What exactly is wrong with an inglorious, bitter death? Its an end nonetheless. It is what most major figures get to experience. I think what Revan did in TOR, was meant to alienate both the republic and empire players from him, make him sort of neutral or a mutual enemy. Would you have preferred he die as a hero of republic? That might have annoyed those people who played him as a dark side figure.. And vice versa. This was a sort of neutral ending.

Also, having the same ending for both sides makes it easier to write continuation to the story.

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Personally, I don't belive that an inglorius death fits with what Star Wars is supposed to be about. To me Star Wars is supposed to be the setting where the heroes do always ride into the sunset at the end of the day. It is more happy escapism than deep moral ambiguity.

Maybe its that having depression in real life I like my fiction to have a more happy note in the end.
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01.23.2012 , 04:41 PM | #74
Added one additional chapter to the story. I am about to finish chapter 5, you can expect it any day now!
Only I have been both Fanboy and Hater and found clarity in the Force…
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01.24.2012 , 05:18 PM | #75
Chapter 5 added.
Only I have been both Fanboy and Hater and found clarity in the Force…
Interviews, debates, reviews, articles and more, all Star Wars related - embrace your inner nerd(i)ness!

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01.24.2012 , 07:31 PM | #76
Awesome chapter . Quite enjoyable, I really like how this is going. Might want to correct grammatical errors though.
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01.24.2012 , 09:41 PM | #77

I really need to work on my Story.

But gosh Darn it, life keeps slapping me in the face every time I try and sit down and work on it.

That and you know. Having the game... open... all the time... isn't a good thing.


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01.25.2012 , 12:13 AM | #78
What I don't get is why everyone's talking about his death as though it's a fact, especially when Deviss just posted an email from one of the game developers stating that Revan's fate is intentionally uncertain. Maybe this is the end for him, maybe not. If anything, given that Revan has always been a man of ambiguity, this is a fitting plot twist - or plot end, whichever.

I would point out though that there are some flaws in the assumption that he's dead - most of the people arguing for his death seem to be assuming that his disappearing trick was like the deaths of Obi-Wan and Yoda. If it is, though, he's doing it wrong - the bodies of Jedi disappear without any burst of light and leave their clothes behind. Neither was the case with Revan, who disappears in a blaze of blinding white light, clothes and all. How can objects like lightsabers, robes and a mask, which have no presence in the living force, become one with it? He might as well have taken a bag of cheetos with him while he was at it.

Also, there's the little fact that, iirc, the novelization of Revenge of the Sith states that this ability was discovered posthumously by Qui-Gon Jinn, more than 3500 years after this story takes place. The Obi-Wan/Yoda style death doesn't really work.

Even the final quotation of Malak can easily be explained away as Revan throwing in a quote that suggests death in order to throw his pursuers off his trail, although Occham's Razor makes this idea seem dubious at best. It similarly seems unlikely in his weakened state that Revan would be able to summon the energy to teleport.

Neither the "Revan escaped" explanation nor the "Revan's dead" explanation make a whole lot of sense. One of them obviously has to be correct, but the evidence is ambiguous enough that we probably shouldn't make any assumptions.

Think of it as "Schrödinger's Sith Lord"

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01.25.2012 , 11:53 AM | #79
Finished. I am adding last chapter here (one post can only have up to 50,000 characters :<).


They sealed the doors behind them. Hope awakened in Revan’s and others hearts. Their chances of defeating the Emperor were now even higher as the empire’s finest joined them. Meetra was right.

Emperor was about to face over dozen of galaxy’s greatest heroes. Amongst those heroes were now his most trusted servants that turned their back on him. They also realized that the Emperor was danger to everything that ever existed. He needed to be defeated.

The chamber was extremely long. Deep within it’s very end there was a throne turned the other way around. There were strange vessels placed around it that formed a circle. Lifeless bodies were floating inside them – each was connected to the throne itself.

When Scourge was serving as the Emperor’s Wrath for three centuries, he learned a lot about his master. Even more than Revan during his stasis. From certain holocron that seemed to belong to one of the Emperor’s apprentices, he found out about the existence of ancient sith entity made of nothing but pure dark side energy. She was supposedly a love of the Emperor… and his only weakness. She was also the same entity that was imprisoned and used by Darth Baras. Once, long time ago she almost annihilated the jedi order and held galaxy by its throat. Together with the Emperor, she wanted to exterminate all life in the galaxy and eradicate the very force from existence.

Emperor did not like to expose his weaknesses thus access to the sith entity was nearly impossible without necessary skill and knowledge. Fortunately, they knew the ritual and it's summoning process.

Scourge along with the other Sith focused and started to perform the ritual. Suddenly, everyone could feel the unimaginable dark side energy forming inside the chamber. It was unbearable.

They came. They want to kill you. Eradicate them. Kill them all. Ravage their minds. Drain the very essence out of them.

Whispers haunted everybody’s heads. The throne turned itself the other way and pedestal had spun around to face them. Figure in dark robes arose. It was an old man with heavy markings of corruption that suggested strong dark side influence. There was something terrifying about his eyes, they were completely… empty… black. He started to approach the invaders and spoke:

- The circle closes. The end begins. You have wasted your energy killing the weak, my pawns sent to weaken you. There are consequences. You are all a blind insects, contemplating the voice of space. Your striving and effort is insignificant… let your death be the same.

All the vessels exploded and bodies that were contained in them fallen lifelessly onto the floor. Revan could feel the screams of hundreds or even thousands, all force users in the room felt their endless suffering. From nowhere, countless figures of the same hooded man that they recently faced, materialized in front of them and attacked them.

Revan was first to struck one of the Emperor’s clones, but to his surprise, lightsaber did not even damage it.

The entity laughed, along with the Emperor.

Clones constantly appeared from emptiness, overwhelming them. Each time they received a blow that would be lethal to any mortal being, they vanished only to reappear again.

Darth Nox along with the Consular were using force abilities to shield their allies from deadly attacks. The Emperor’s Wrath and the Jedi Knight leaped onto the swarm of clones and began to cut through them like a blade through air.

They were progressing towards the Emperor. He was holding his hands with faint figure - the dark side entity, completely ignoring the ongoing battle. She had blank eyes, as empty as the Emperor himself and long, crystal hair.

Soon my love. Soon there will be nothing left in this galaxy, only us.

- It started! He is performing the ritual that will consume all life in the galaxy! We have to stop him! – Scourge shouted, realizing what was going on.

And then, the force screamed. It was dying, life was slowly sipping away from the galaxy.

Out of nowhere, another entity appeared. Only there was something different about it. Revan immediately felt it’s presence and knew who she was.

Light illuminated from her and she started to channel the light side of the force against the dark side entity.

It’s over. You must be stopped!’ – Jedi entity shouted.

Your spirit, as diseased as it is, refuses to allow you to give up, no matter what threats you face exile. What is it you think you have accomplished? If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them. – Voice of dark entity echoed through the chamber.

There is more death in this galaxy then you can imagine, we must strip all life away from it. – Dark side entity continued. Can't you see, galaxy slowly devours everything around it by its endless, unavoidable conflict. It is already dead, the question is how many it will kill before it falls.

Revan ignored all clones around him and ran in the Emperor’s direction, charging directly at him. His lightsaber met its target, going straight trough the Emperor’s body.

His wound healed in seconds and was replaced by dark matter. He turned around and faced Revan, moving his hands towards him.

Revan instantly attempted to shield his mind and subconscious against the Emperor’s influence – he had few tricks up his sleeve after their last two confrontations. Lord Vitiate’s eyes filled with a swirling red mist. The Emperor gave glimpse of his true self to everyone present in the chamber. They saw visions of endless hunger and unspeakable horror of billions being eaten up alive. Dark side conjuring terrors they did not even think of in their worst nightmares. There was nothing, only the total annihilation, the unbearable void. All races extinct in matters of seconds. Heroes collapsed, shaking like children. They cried out loud in anguish as the Emperor’s mind brushed against theirs, attempting to control them and devour their very essence.

Lightning storm consumed the entire chamber, burning everyone inside it. They fell on the ground, struck by the Emperor’s unimaginable power. In moments, everyone would be dead.

They were vanquished.

And at this moment, the dark side entity looked at dying Revan. She saw a boy that she once trained and treated him as her own son. She reminded herself of the moment when she found him in the outer rim. Master Arren! – she heared young Revan’s voice inside her head. Arren Kae, she had long forgotten this name. She was a historian once, gathering the relics of the Jedi, learning the ancient mysteries. Always, there were more questions.

- Is that really what you want Kreia?! He will kill him! – Jedi exile’s force ghost asked desperately.

She looked at the exile - Meetra was devastated by what she saw. The life in the galaxy was about to fade away and there was nothing she could do.

Surik looked back and saw tears falling from Kreia’s eyes.

- You were right exile. It is such a quiet thing, to fall…

The dark side entity moved towards the Emperor and channeled her full power against him.

The Emperor screamed. The only being he ever cared about just stabbed him in the back. For the first time in his millenia long life, he felt the human emotion of... sadness.

He was dying, the entity sacrificed her very essence to deliver the killing blow to the Emperor.

- My ascendance is inevitable, the day, a year, a millennium it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. – Emperor spoke, with voice that sounded as if thousands screamed at the same time.

- If I must die, I chose how. Everything dies with me. - And then, he has fallen.

Something was not right. The Emperor seemed beaten and his body lifelessly fell, but for some reason everyone could still feel as he was stealing life away from the galaxy.

- He is unleashing his full power against the entire galaxy! His essence can’t be destroyed! We must do something! – Scourge shouted.

There must always be Darth Traya and there must always be, The Emperor.

The weight of such a burden – it must be mine. Revan did not even think a second longer. He stood up and with all his remaining strength used an ability that he learned about when he was the Emperor’s prisoner for three hundred years.

He attempted to capture the Emperor’s soul. He opened up his mind and allowed himself to be possessed.

For split seconds, there was a complete silence.

And then, his eyes turned black and were filled with nothing but an empty void. With last bits of his unshakable, free will, he jumped into the abyss

His ultimate sacrifice just saved the entire galaxy.

And there, in the endless, never ending darkness he would combat the Emperor's influence. He did it before, for three centuries. As long as he was strong enough to oppose him, the galaxy was safe.

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01.25.2012 , 11:58 AM | #80
I like the story

In the Foundry, I couldn't bring myself to attack Hk-47...I just couldn't.
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