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G4 b3

Sujimichi's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 06:15 AM | #1
I'd like to honestly congratulate Bioware on the most fun fight we've so far encountered. Our server is relatively poorly populated (and started at game launch, so no pre-launch 50's), so we could only manage to find a group for some ops a few days ago. In that day we cleared EV and 3/5 of Karagga's palace, with relative ease.

Yesterday we went in again. Cleared EV in about an hour, then went to KP. G4 B3 was just a great variation on the other bosses. It involved much more teamwork and coordination than the other bosses. Even though we wiped maybe once on SOA this week due to some bad luck, it took us a good 2 hours before we got this one down. And the feeling of downing him, after making up our own strategies, is 1000 times more satisfying than downing all those other bosses combined.

I can only hope that hard-mode will give us a similar challenge!

(PS. Fix the bloody loot chests. 2 people couldn't loot their stuff from the chests at the EV puzzle.)