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Flashpoint repops

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01.24.2012 , 11:45 AM | #1
I've been 50 for a few weeks now and have done every Flashpoint. Yesterday, I was doing Kaon Under Siege on hard mode with a few guild members. We were basically rushing through it goofing around, and had some weird problems. Eventually one guy relogged. He was out of the flashpoint and came back in, but he came back in to repops. Enemies we had already killed were alive. Not a big deal, sneak past them, but the champions were also there. He had no way to get by them. He left the flashpoint and then immediately came back, and this time he spawned with us (near the bonus boss). It was weird but we kept going. We took on the bonus boss but ended up wiping due to poor CC management. So when we came back in, everyone spawned at the correct location but me. I was back at the beginning again, and the repops were there. I snuck past the first few, and again, the champion patrol droids were present. The instance was still mine (I was group leader) and I could see the other people on the map. So trying what my friend had done previously, I stepped in an out of the instance, but about 10 times. Nothing. Same thing every time. It's like the instance reset, but only for me.

TLR Do flashpoints have repops? Because they aren't supposed to, according to the internet, and in my 1-50 run I've never seen them. Has anyone had this problem?
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