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current state of crew skills

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current state of crew skills

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01.24.2012 , 06:20 AM | #1
I've been 400 armourmech for a while now and eventhough I got a nice bracer and belt from it (lvl 50) it bleaks in comparison to the usefullness of the items a friend of mine can make with biochem (especialy me being a tank). As so many I'm seriously considering dropping armour for biochem as I'm basicly doing myself a disfavour by not doing so.

I know this has been posted a lot of times, but what I'm curious about is if there has been any dev. reply indicating this is seen as an issue at all and if there are any plans at all to revamp this system. I don't mind waiting for some time, as long as I know there is "a light at the end of the tunnel".
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