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Rogues Squads False Emperor Guide– Hard Mode

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Rogues Squads False Emperor Guide– Hard Mode

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01.23.2012 , 01:31 PM | #1
Rogues Squads False Emperor Guide– Hard Mode

This guide is intended to be basic. Its an overview of how each boss encounter works in hard mode and the strategies we use. There are many different ways to complete the fights, these are the most successful techniques we have found.

Please feel free you leave comments, tactics and other tricks that you may have found below, and stop by our site for more guides as we build them (


Tregg The Destroyer

First boss in the instance. He is located on a bridge with 3 adds’ with low health. He has a knockback that will knock you off the bridge if you do not position him well.

Tank jumps in and grabs agro. Tank puts his back to the bridge edge where there are walls. Closer to the other side of the bridge is ideal. DPS and Heals stand where the walls are on the near side at range. Tank and DPS kill the adds in a predetermined order, then switch to the boss.

Tregg will randomly jump to the range group member with “hunters leap” Minor healing is required for this.

Additionally, Tregg will do a whirlwind attack while standing still. Everyone must run out of range to prevent 2.7K dmg per spin.

If you find positioning him on the bridge difficult, pull him to your side of the bridge, and place the tank with his back against the wall. Ranged should form a circle on his side avoiding knockbacks over the railing.

Easy fight..

Jindo Krey

This fight is simple you just have to make sure everyone is aware of their roles.

Tank- Interupt’s flame sweep and moves to the boss when he jumps at a range player.
Healer- AOE heals when he/she can, and focus’s the tank
2 DPS – keep the middle turret up when the ship is in the middle closest to the turret. Both DPS have to share this job as Jindo has a grapple that will pull one of the players going for the turret.

Everyone stands outside of the red circles and avoids the ranged missile damage from the ship. With the middle turret up, it forces the ship to stay at long range and minimizes its damage.

Jindo has three main abilitys
Electro Dart – which is a 3 second stun
Flame sweep – a spinning AOE that should be interrupted
Grapple – Pulls players to him

Try to position Jindo just below the middle turret this way the healer can AOE heal and both DPS are close to the turret to click it.

Proto Type A-14 & B-16

This is a two droid fight. One droid will always be in a defensive mode that won’t be attackable. You will be able to tell which one this is because of a big blue circle around them. Attack the other droid.

The boss will throw out a saber that will do 2-3k damage to a ranged player. The healer must top up the player that’s hit.

We setup in a diamond pattern (or square depending how you look at it) with the tank right on the boss. The healer stands behind the tank with the 2 DPS on either side. The healer is able to AOE heal this way.

Tank and spank…

HK 47

The hardest fight in the instance due to high burst damage when HK47 stealth’s.

HK has 7 skills:
Turrets – 2 turrets spawn beside HK and can only be killed with an Ion Cannon (see below)

Burst – a cone AOE that hits for 3k plus and is avoidable if the tank faces him away from everyone.

Grapple – Just an annoyance

Snipe – A big hit to one player. Healers need to shield or top up the player that gets hit. He also has an audio que that this is coming “prepare to die”.

Ion Cannon- A white movable circle that appears at a players feet. When it turns red an ion cannon shot hits the red location. You use this to kill the turrets.

Stealth – HK goes invisible but can be knock out of this form. Group up the second he does this and everyone use an instant aoe.

Poisonous Gas – This is a killer… When he pops out of stealth he will infect one player. The Healer needs to cleanse the infected player. Otherwise 2 ticks is a kill. To avoid this all together, group up and aoe him while stealthed.

We setup in the same diamond pattern as before. The tank aggros HK and turns him around so he is facing away from the group, in between the two turrets. The healer is able to drop an AOE heal in-between all four players. When a player gets the white circle, they run over to the closest turret and waits till it goes red then runs back to their spot.
Once HK stealth’s, the group collapses together, and aoe’s. Rinse repeat until 10%.
We found he enraged at 10%. At this point everyone blows all of their cooldowns for the kill.

Chondrus Berani

Don’t stand in his spinning attack.. Not much else to say.

Sith Entity

This is the bonus boss. After a certain amount of time (75%, 50%, and 25%) He vanishes and three adds spawn in. We found that if we positioned ourselves at the 2 o’clock position in the room (looking at the boss from the hallway) we were able to speed up the kill since the add that spawns closest to that spot is the healer.

All three adds have relatively low health and can be DPS tanked. We burned them down as a group in a set pattern (closest to furthest).

We found tanking the main boss in the middle of the room most effective since he needs to be kept away from the main group due to an AOE that will one shot dps when enraged (around 10%)

The boss has a force lightning ability which in interruptible and a knock back. When the tank gets knocked back, just run back to the middle of the room as the boss will follow.

Darth Malgus

The Final fight of the encounter. This is an easy fight, you just need to understand the dance. Before you continue make sure you have 2 knock back abilities in the group. If you do not, do not proceed as you can not complete the fight.

Malgus’ abilities are
Push back- He knocks you back a long way. This is completely avoidable with positioning (see below)

Force Jump- Jumps to a ranged player then returns back to the tank.

Smash – An AOE attack that hits anyone in melee range. This is completely avoidable with positioning for everyone except the tank.

Unlimited Power – A channeled one shot ability that occurs when there is no one in LOS/Melee range and additionally at 50 and 20%. This is interruptible. Rather this must be Interrupted.

Doubt- A stun ability that forshaddows a one on one fight with Malgus.

This is a 3 phase fight and is very simple to complete.

Phase 1-The tank jumps in and agrros Malgus. The tank pulls Malgus the the left side of the stairs and places his back to the wall. The group runs in and places their backs to the right side of the stairs. Malgus will stay on the tank and periodically jump at a ranged player, and then return to the tank. With this setup the push back and the smash do not affect the group. The healer will focus the tank and drop the odd AOE heal to top up the group.

Phase 2 - Once Malgus cast doubt on a player, the group gets stunned except for one player who is to face Malgus one on one. This player runs up the stairs, along the top of the stairs, back down the other wall of the stairs, and back to his original position. Never run off the stairs as Malgus will cast Unlimited power at 50% and 25% and the tank needs to be in range to catch this. When the tank goes one on one, Just stand where you were, and fight through it.

Phase 3 – After the fourth doubt, you will be approaching the 10% mark. Malgus will enrage casting a beam of lightning at random players. You need to move Malgus down onto the catwalk and at the same time cast 2 knock backs. We move Malgus right after the fourth doubt.


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01.23.2012 , 02:24 PM | #2
HKs enrage is a timer (not 10% health). We found that just ignoring the turrets and focusing on DPS worked best. They don't do a lot damage.