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All your questions will be answered here!

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All your questions will be answered here!

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12.14.2011 , 02:42 PM | #1
Question 1:

Why am I not given early access yet? I pre-ordered on (insert date here) and the website said 5 days early, what gives?

Answer: No, the website said UP TO five days, could be today, could be tomorrow, could be friday or saturday, who knows. Maybe, you should have pre-ordered earlier that way we wouldn't be having this discussion now? Hmmm?

Question 2:

It's so unfair of bioware to let other people in early and we fall behind in leveling, they should just wipe the servers on the 15th and let everyone play.

Answer, Unfair? Unfair would be not giving you early access at all, stupid. Early access should have began on the 15th, it started on the 13th, so if you get access on the 15th BE THANKFUL that BioWare decided to let you in on the 15th instead of the 17th. Who gives a crap if you "fall behind". Do you really want a starting area loaded with 50,000 people? I don't.

Question 3:

BioWare failed this launch, plain and simple.

Answer: Why? Because you didn't get early access on the 13th? Go huff more paint.

Question 4:

I'm cancelling my pre-order because Bioware didn't give me access yet.

Answer: Were you dropped on your head as a child? What i'm trying to say here is, stop pissing and moaning and just relax, when it comes time for you to play, kick back, relax and enjoy knowing that you aren't trying to kill the same NPC along the side of 21 other people.
Why do they call them Tie-Fighters?